28 ago. 2008

[salc:017] clothoid

However it may make ends meet naturally when you feel it comfortable...

Mathematically, Clothoid is used to express transition between two circular motion - e.g. Roller Coaster, an exit of expressway. (See also ref. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

The transition to the comfortable leftward giro from a straight caminando, the moveline of the right foot during volcada, and the sparkle you genarated by the best colgada.

27 ago. 2008

[salc:016] anonymity

After when, there became full of the people who can be identified.

A masked ball, I could spend perfectly non-daily time with strangers - not sure with whom, but the most comfortable time.

It wants to be sometimes anonymity.

26 ago. 2008

[salc:015] messi

How Lionel Andrés Messi dances tango ?

There may be the one who blew up imagination to see the Olympic games.

This is a sense of the improvisation that human being has known newly.

People will come to find him in tango.

[salc:014] vortex

Dancers draw a vortex inside milonga.
Vortex appears when dancers begin staring at the each other.

Although, some guys may not start generating a vortex by themselves.

That is why there are pieces of cheese on the corner of the room, like a mouse experiment.

25 ago. 2008

[salc:013] traspie

The biggest pain I believe is dancing on a milonga which we can not traspie.

Difficulty in traspie seems to be arisen from the following two factors - speedy pace of the song and difficulty to pick up "doble tiempo" rhythm.

Then, how should we play Nocturna ?

Try using the percussion ! ( or emphasis the rhythm somehow.. )